REFOCUS Silica Mineral Supplement with added Vitamin D & Iron

Wow, talking about the whole package; Silica, Vitamin-D and Iron with a VEGAN certificate! The Silica might be the least known mineral but has a vital role in the formation and maintenance of our bones. Silica also plays an important role in absorbing and processing other minerals.

Vitamin-D is vital for the Nordic population since we don’t get it as much from direct sunlight. Vitamin-D strengthens our bones, controls calcium production and reduces the risk of osteoporosis. In addition, Vitamin-D is effective against diseases, in both muscles and nerves, and is prophylaxis of depression, muscle pain and flu symptoms just to name a few. Refocus also has added Iron. Iron is in the blood as a protein compound called haemoglobin and is found in all red blood cells. Haemoglobin plays a role in transporting oxygen to the body's tissues and transporting carbon dioxide from the cells of the body.


This golden threefold simply can't crack. I recommend trying Refocus at least for 2 months and I promise that you will notice a difference.