REFOCUS review

I decided to take time to try out GeoSilica's REFOCUS to see clear results. I have always aimed to be honest when reviewing products of any kind and I would never recommend a product that doesn't suit me. But on to my experience of REFOCUS. I really liked the product and in fact I have concluded that  GeoSilica products belong at every home. 
I noticed a difference right away on my skin & hair. My hair started to grow faster, it became healthier with a beautiful healthy shine to it. I was really happy about the change since my hair was damaged from colouring and has been looking dull lately. I have not changed any hair products in my routine and that is why I am convinced REFOCUS is the reason for my hair being so healthy and the same goes for my skin. REFOCUS is the perfect addition to a good skincare routine. 
REFOCUS contains 100% natural Silica with Vitamin D & Iron dissolved in pure Icelandic water for Mind & Energy. REFOCUS promotes normal brain function, works against chronic fatigue and provides increased energy as well as contributing to a healthy immune system. 
These benefits spoke to me and made me really excited to see if the product would work for my tiredness. I started noticing the difference when I was about to finish the first bottle of REFOCUS. The time of the results can vary depending on each person but usually, the benefits will start to show after the first bottle. 
When I was about to finish my first bottle (each bottle is for one-month consumption) on GeoSilica I unconsciously stopped drinking energy drinks and my daily cups of coffee went from 3-4 cups a day to 1-2 cups a day. I was really happy with this since I have been drinking energy drinks and coffee a lot, especially during the wintertime.

REFOCUS has helped me with my lack of focus and stress during my final thesis in school. For these reasons I do not hesitate to give REFOCUS and GeoSilica my best recommendation and I will keep on taking my daily dosage. I am excited to keep on going and hopefully keep on benefiting my health with these amazing products.
Anna S. Bergmann blogger at TRENDNET